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MALIBU HOI AN is a high-class resort town located on the most beautiful coastal avenue in Quang Nam – Da Nang which is considered a “billion-dollar road” because it has awakened tourism and economic development here.

Location Malibu Hoi An
Malibu Hoi An utility location

The project location is adjacent to The Nam Hai Four Seasons – one of the number 1 hotels and resorts in Asia.
From Malibu Hoi An quick links to neighborhoods such as: only 16 minutes to Hoi An old town, about 20 minutes to Danang International Airport and only 20 minutes to Danang center.


Based on the advantages of area, location and natural conditions, BAKH Architecture (USA) has proposed a design plan with a construction density of only 20%, just to ensure the full preservation of the natural landscape and still create a different combination of relaxation.

The entire system of apartments and villas with 100% view of the sea creates an open space, full of light and sea breeze in every corner of your house. Bring fresh and cool air, giving you a feeling of relaxation, close to nature.


All utilities at Malibu Hoi An project are designed to bring the highest standards. Facilities are built and designed to be suitable for all ages, from small children to the elderly, to meet the needs of visitors.

Customers can enjoy uniquely designed green space with high-class restaurant system, feel every breeze, sound of waves, rows of trees, create a feeling of peace, forget all tiredness of life.

In addition, Malibu Hoi An owns a utility system that is superior to the entertainment area, beauty care area, spa area, relaxation area, chain of high-class restaurant services, … to meet the high demand for health, entertainment and food training.



Bamboo Capital Top 500 Doanh nghiệp
Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam

Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2017, operating in four main areas: Manufacturing Trade, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Renewable Energy. In which resort real estate is selected and become the key development industry of BCG.

The first land BCG set foot is the connecting land between the most important port of Vietnam, Da Nang city and Hoi An ancient town – a world cultural heritage for thousands of years.


With a price of only 46 million / m2, Malibu Hoi An is having the best price in the region. When investing in Malibu Hoi An, customers receive profits from the rental program in the first 10 years, at the same time, real estate value will also increase over time, with flexible and convenient payment progress.

When the familiar financial investment channels such as: Securities, Gold plunged, went up and down erratically. The lower the savings interest rate for banks, the foreign currency speculation is not effective. “Spending money” on Malibu Hoi An Project will be a safe investment channel. Both capital preservation and compounding interest, while bringing relaxing feelings for families in the sea space.

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