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🔥“Heat” of the TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach Condotel project and especially the new HOT HOT gift policy from the project owner seems to be able to “wave” the 2019 summer back!

GET NOW a Macbook Air worth 37 MILLION VND
GET NOW a Iphone XS 64G worth 27 MILLION VND
GET NOW a Apple Watch worth 13 MILLION VND, … with other attractive incentives.

Condotel TMS Đà Nẵng sở hữu vị trí đắc địa mặt biển Mỹ Khê
Condotel TMS Da Nang owns a prime location at My Khe beach

Codotel TMS Luxury Da Nang is considered as one of the most awaited resort projects in Danang.
The project benefits from complete infrastructure, favorable location, a good ecological environment, resonating a series of world-class utility facilities. In particular, the glass bottom pool reaches out into the air on the first and only upper frequency in Vietnam, giving customers the vision to cover the beautiful My Khe beach


  • Name: TMS Hotel Da Nang
  • Investor: TMS Hotel Danang Joint Stock Company ( TMS Group Member)
  • Location: 292 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City
  • Project scale: 25 floors and 2 basements
  • Design consultant: PURE Creations
  • Operational management unit: Welham (Hong Kong)
  • The bank supports loans and guarantees of profits: Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank)
  • Product type: Hotel and Condotels


Linking the area around the project:

  • To the Han River Bridge: 2km
  • To Ba Na Hill: 40km
  • To East Sea Park: 0.5km
  • To Son Tra Peninsula: 6km
  • To My Khe Beach: 50m
  • To Da Nang International Airport: 5km

Possessing modern design and optimal viewing angle, 80% of TMS Hotel Da Nang apartments have beautiful sea view, 100% of apartments are welcome by wind and natural light.


Condotel TMS Luxury Hotel Da Nang has an unit area of 45 – 48m2 with 5-star design.

Hơn 80% các căn View Biển Mỹ Khê
More than 80% unit of My Khe Sea View

In particular, the project has 3 floors (floors 15-17) designed in a very unique and sophisticated Japanese style, which will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.

Thiết kế đẳng cấp 5 sao
5-star class design


Not only is the place to stop, TMS Hotel Da Nang project resonates with trendy luxury services to give customers interesting and intimate experiences.

  • Gym system, Spa & Fitness
  • High-class Japanese Restaurant
  • 700 m2 for professional international spa system
  • Glass bottom pool and Sky pool bar


  • TMS Group commits and MB Bank guarantees of profit up to 10% in the first 10 years and supports 60% of loan value. Customers can also get free 5 * 15 night vacations each year and can exchange vacations throughout the current and future TMS Hotel & Resort system.
  • Under the commitment of 10% profit of the Investor, with an investment of VND 3.1 billion, only VND 500 million is needed, customers can own My Khe beach condotel and collect 310 million / year
    • With TMS Hotel Da Nang Investor favor customers with the program:
      • Receiving 4 years of profit, equivalent to 35% deducted directly to the selling price
      • Loan support up to 60% condotel value
      • Free 15 nights / year at the entire TMS Group system
      • Real experience of righteous apartment

GET NOW a Macbook Air worth 37 MILLION VND
GET NOW a Iphone XS 64G worth 27 MILLION VND
GET NOW a Apple Watch worth 13 MILLION VND, … with other attractive incentives.

Currently, statistics on Da Nang condotel market, rental capacity of 4-5 * hotel rooms has always reached 65% per month and tends to rise, from the 11th year onwards.
Customers are entitled to 85% of profits from condotel leasing, therefore, with an average room rate of 2.8 million / night, customer income will reach 18% of the total investment.

For further information, please contact hotline: 0931 554 777




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